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Owner of Michaelson's Appliance Repair,Tampa Appliance Repair

Michaelson’s Appliance Repair of Tampa Bay

Michaelson’s Appliance Repair, Inc. - Michaelson’s is now in our 23rd year of being in business serving the greater Tampa Bay area, As a member of the Better Business Bureau Brand Source Service Network, Professional Servicers Association, United Servicers Association, Marcone’s Servicer Association and the Picture Perfect Service Network this gives us the opportunity to stay current with the industry standards, and helps us provide the best possible service.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has used or uses our service. We are continually striving to meet all your expectations in providing the best possible customer service.
All of our master technicians are all factory trained and have achieved M-CAP certification They are recognized in the industry as the best of the best.

Certified Service Center Certified Service Center Approved and certified A leader in their service industry, Michaelson’s Appliance Repair, Inc. has been recognized for its accomplishment in becoming an approved Certified Service Center (CSC). Michaelson’s Appliance Repair, Inc. has met the national requirements of the CSC program; an all-industry initiative backed by leading electronics industry associations and major product manufacturers.
Michaelson’s Appliance Repair, Inc. went through a voluntary rigorous application and review process and implemented the strict guidelines of excellence that the Consortium imposes. Michaelson’s Appliance Repair, Inc. has met all CSC requirements that ensure a higher code of conduct towards consumer confidence such as certified management and technicians, consumer protection programs, and quality assurance plans.
Certified Service Center (CSC): is a service industry standard certification supported by most leading Fortune 10 organizations, Service Oriented Businesses, and Service Trade and Professional Associations. Associations’ who back the CSC initiative post lists of those achieving CSC certification on their web sites.

Picture Perfect Picture Perfect Service Network is a network of service companies that have been identified as the elite Best of the Best. This network of service companies can be used by the manufacturers as their "second call" companies. Our goal is to create a nationwide network of certified independent service companies providing measurable premium service, while at the same time identifying the very best.
This certification identifies service companies as the "Best of the Best" in their area.
This is a nationwide network of independent service companies certified as providing measurable premium service to their customers.
Certified based on 3 criteria:

Factory Authorized for most brands. Call us for all your service needs.
"If you tried the rest, now try the best."
Call: (813) 935-1919